As you hopefully know, Habbox rewards our long-serving members! It's been a while since we had an updated thread but since I've had a couple of requests lately I thought I'd update it

Once you've been registered for five years*, you are eligible to claim this VIP, and every year thereafter!

How much do I get?

You can claim 3 months of VIP when you've been here for 5 years.

You can then also claim one month for every year on top of that!

(that means if you registered 7 years ago and haven't claimed anything, you can get 5 months of VIP in total!)

When you reach 10 years, you may be eligible for Habbox God status, if you meet the post criteria. Click here to see if you qualify!


With Anniversary VIP, you don't only get an exclusive gold name and userbar, you also get all the perks below:

- 150x150 Avatars
- 700x300 Signatures
- 150x150 Profile Pictures
- Appear Offline (Invisible)
- Can see who issued reputation
- Gold Coloured Name (Sparkles)
- 200 tokens & 50 rep upon joining
- Ability to see the V.I.P forum & have HTML user titles

How do I claim?

If you meet the criteria above and have not yet had your three months of Anniversary VIP then just send lawrawrrr a private message saying so by clicking here.

*you must be using your current account - secondary accounts will not be taken into consideration unless they are merged together. Contact the Forum Manager, Samanfa, to start this process.