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Hello VIP member!

If you are reading this then it probably means that you're a new VIP member, or are just getting used to our brand new VIP system. Not sure how to select your VIP colour? Well then this guide is for you!

When you win or obtain VIP at HabboxForum, it is added to your account and by default is set to the colour black. This can be easily changed to any of the standard VIP colours through your control panel and you can do this at any time and as many times as you wish.

To change your VIP colour, simply follow the below steps:

1) Click "User CP" at the top of your forum

2) Scroll down until you see the "My Settings" area on the left hand side.

3) Under this section, select "Permission Groups"

4) You should see a list of the available colours. Select the colour you wish to use and then press "Join Group"

5) You're done! To change again, just repeat the same process.

It's as easy as that! We hope that this new system will allow for members to change colours quicker and pretty much whenever they feel like it. Please note however, that this system is only available for normal Habbox VIP and is not currently available for Donator, Charity VIP or Exclusive VIP's. If they change at a later date I will let you know.

Habbox releases some limited edition VIPs and has exclusive ones for certain events.


This above VIP is exclusive for Competitions winners to get their hands on! See what competitions we have available here.

Other exclusive VIPs include Christmas Charity VIPs (sparkle image), special event VIPs and other seasonal limited edition. Click here to see if there's anything on offer or post here if you want to buy something in particular.

Other VIP colours

We also have VIPs for sale in our forum shop which can be found here. All items in the forum shop are purchased with tokens. See how you can earn tokens by clicking here.

If you have any questions then please drop me a PM or VM.