Hello everyone! It's that time of year again when we celebrate the annual Habbox Awards. I hope you have all been anticipating this very exciting moment. This year we are doing it a little differently and you can vote by using the form HERE

There has been some new changes this year at Habbox! Habboxforum turned 12 this year and is finally a pre-teen, I look forward to the upcoming teenage years, our lovely Habbox also turned 13 - our baby is growing up so fast! We also brought back AGM Staff, then got rid of it by gaining a new AGM Content, we brought in an International Manager, we have had plenty of management changes and we all had a nice holiday in Las Vegas for the summer! We have also had some fun little events that came to Habbox and lots of exciting fansite weekends, with many more to come.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of those that have stuck around with us for another year and a big welcome to all our new members. We managed to end the year to us sticking around as official, so for that we are very grateful.

The awards will take place on the 28th of January, running from 7pm - 9pm GMT. The Awards Entrance will open at 6pm GMT for our usual pre-awards Saturday Night Quiz. The awards will be hosted on-air as usual!

Below, I will post the list of available awards that you can vote for (you can't vote for yourself). Nominations will close on the 20th of January at 23:59 GMT. After this, a thread will be posted containing the nominees. All nominees can send in a verbal speech or a written one. If you are a winner, your speech will then be played on air on the night of the Habbox Awards. If you do not win, your speech will be posted at a later date.

Nominations Form:

Nominate staff or former staff only from 2016. To be valid as a recipient, the nominee is recommended to have been a member of staff for 2 months or more during 2016. However, the departmental awards are recommended to have been in the specific department for 2 months or more during 2015.

Please note: you cannot vote for yourself as great as you may be!

Staff Awards:

Department of the Year 2016:
Articles Writer of the Year 2016
Graphic Designer of the Year 2016
Content Designer of the Year 2016
Forum Moderator of the Year 2016
Help Desk Staff of the Year 2016
HabboxLive DJ of the Year 2016
Events Organiser of the Year 2016
Competitions Staff of the Year 2016
Room Builder of the Year 2016
Kindest Staff of the Year 2016
Best Staff Newcomer 2016
Manager of the Year
Most Dedicated Staff Member 2016

Member Awards:

Member awards have been split into two categories - official and unofficial. The Official Awards will receive the regular trophy and the Unofficial Awards will receive two weeks of VIP. Don't fret, you will still be announced on air so everyone can shiny in your amazingness and do your fabulous speech.


Kindest Member 2016
Sexiest Member 2016
Most Helpful Member 2016
Cleverest Member 2016
Best Newcomer of 2016
Funniest Member 2016
Best Overall Member

Unofficial Awards List:

Best Gossiper
Most Likely to end up in Jail (crimes included please)
Moaner of the Year
Biggest Troll
Biggest Flirt
Biggest Drama Queen
Biggest Habbox Scandal

I would like to wish you all the best of luck. Fill in the form here.