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    Default Valentine's Skin and Limited Edition VIP!

    It is now possible for you to purchase a special Limited Edition Valentines VIP!

    I am currently displaying the colour on my name so you can see how it looks. Like it? then all you need to do is follow the instructions below.

    The VIP will cost you 1.50 to purchase for a 1 month.
    You can buy via PayPal by clicking here. Make sure you read all instructions carefully when purchasing your VIP.

    This VIP will only be sold until 15th February.

    There is also a special award for those who have purchased the VIP which looks like this:

    Once you have bought the VIP and it is activated you can request the award by clicking here.

    Valentines Skin!

    We also have you a lovely new Valentines skin to get you in the mood for a loved up weekend at Habbox.

    The skin should already be your default but if it's not then you can scroll to the bottom of the forum and select Valentines 2013.

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