Following my thread in announcements about additions to the forum shop, we do have to have goodbye to other parts of it!

We have removed some of icons that were found in the shop as a lot were outdated and barely used so if you notice any have gone that would be why. We removed the old ones to make space for our new ones which will be coming in soon so keep your eye in this forum for new icons that are going to be added!

We have removed the Loyalty points part of the shop as we found it clashed quite a lot with the tokens so that is now removed for the time being but we may revisit it later on, you never know! All items that you could buy in the loyalty part of the shop can now be found in misc and can be bought at any time so please make sure you check that out.

If you have any other ideas please do not hesitate to PM me or make a thread in feedback, I'm always open to suggestions and hopefully together we can improve the forum!

That's all from me!

Peace out,

Forum Manager