HabboxLive are looking for ONE person to join the Head DJ team!

As Head DJ you are required to do the following:

• Be active on HabboxForum (preferably every day).
• To meet a requirement of 3 slots a week
• To regularly post Show Issues, Song Swears and Missed Slots
• To send out PMs/warnings/Cautions as often as required.
• Host 1 event per week, this can be a giveaway / on air comps / win a room etc

Please do not worry about experience, you may look at this thread and think you aren't experienced enough but you will be fully trained and supported throughout your time at HabboxLive!

If you're interested please PM the following application to @despect; and @King-Tom;

Habbo Name:
Possible past Experience:
Ideas of events that you'd like to see in the department:

Applications will close when we feel we have a suitable Applicant!

We wish you the best of luck!

J & T
HabboxLive Management