Technically you could call it hoarding, but for a shorter time.

A year ago or so, I started buying big hand memorials for 5-8cea. I had always liked the furni and just liked to use it in my room. I started to notice a lack of them around habbo and in shops. I decided to buy all i could. This ended up creating "demand" for them with basically only me buying them. Before I knew it, I had bought 200+ hands.... The most I had paid was maybe 12c, within a week of me finishing my goal of 200, the price hit 15-17c ea. I dumped all for that price within the next 2 weeks (mainly in bulk). In all i think i came out 1500c richer. After that within a month they went back to about 8c ea.

I was wondering what you guys thought of the ability to do this? This is a hoarding situation but the hand isnt considered rare, and I was able to more than double my money basically on it. Is this a sign of a weak and unstable habbo economy? This only took me a month to do and it was quite a bit of work.

Would love peoples thoughts on the questions.