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    Default Autumn at HabboxForum!

    The leaves are starting to turn from green to brown, it's starting to get darker earlier and it's getting a little bit colder...

    I guess it's Autumn time at HabboxForum!

    I'm pleased to announce some features that are in place this Autumn on the forum to get you through:

    The Autumn skin is back!

    Yep that's correct, the Autumn skin has returned again for another year! If you're not using the default skin, you can select it using the skin chooser at the bottom left of the forum.

    BRAND NEW Autumn VIP!

    Our brand new Autumn VIP is now available, thanks to our lovely @lawrawrrr; for designing this for us and our model lovely model @Forum God;:

    You can purchase the VIP here:

    BRAND NEW Autumn Icons!

    A brand new selection of Autumn icons are now available to buy. Thank you so much to @LUCPIX; and his lovely graphics department, @dodone; @Sloths; & of course @lawrawrrr;, for all their hard work!

    2 Weeks - Squirrel

    200 Tokens

    2 Weeks - Owl

    200 Tokens

    2 Weeks - Fox

    200 Tokens

    2 Weeks - Hedgehog

    200 Tokens

    You can view and purchase them all in the forum shop here:



    Mikey x

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