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    Red face HabboxLive Fast Track applications!

    How would you like to DJ and play music for different people every time you log on?
    You're in luck! Here at HabboxLive we're looking for new and excited radio DJs to complete at least 3 slots a week whilst putting on the best most enjoyable shows possible! A lot of people think that experience is key when applying however, that isn't the case at all! In the past year we have taken on new DJs with no experience whatsoever and in time with experience and our help and guidance they're now some of the best DJs here at HabboxLive. A lot of the DJs we have hired have gone up the ranks and have become Senior or Head Djs, that just goes to show how successful HabboxLive really is! Would you like to run your own team? A lot of new DJs have gone on to do just that! And guess what? That could be YOU!

    You're probably thinking, "Now why would I DJ when I get nothing in return?" well we have a new and improved prize system! Filled with opportunities to win VIP, Icons, Credits ect. Now why wouldn't you want to take part in that?

    Now! Lets talk about the prize systems shall we? We currently have 2! We have one called Challenge Time and we have a weekly one which is for the DJ who we believe was the most outstanding for that week. The following is a little more detail about both!

    Challenge Time summary:
    Challenge Time is a monthly reward system. What happens is at the beginning of the month a challenge is set for the department, for example, doing a certain amount of slots in a week. At the end of the month everyone is tallied up and 3 winners will be chosen, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

    The prizes are the following:
    1st place: Gold coin, 100 tokens & 1 Month HabboxLive VIP + RANDOM GIFT!
    2nd place: Silver coin, 100 tokens & 1 week VIP
    3rd place: 5c, 50 tokens & 1 Week VIP

    Outstanding DJ Of The Week summary:
    Each week a leaderboard is posted with a list of everyone's hours from the previous week. We then pick someone we think made an outstanding effort for that week. That could be DJing out of their usual hours or covering for someone because that person had to rush off. Anything that stands out could be the reason you win that week.

    The prize for this is a months VIP on habboxforum.

    That's the main ones! But throughout the month other chances to win prizes do crop off especially during big events like HXSS!

    That's all from me! If this has caught your attention and you think you have what it takes just drop me a message here on forum with the following info:

    Habbo Name:
    Habbox Name:
    Skype Name:
    A DJ Name of your choosing:

    From all of us here at HabboxLive we hope to hear from you soon!
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