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    Default Events Organiser Applications + Improved Payment Scheme!

    Me again with a fresh new thread, aren't you guys lucky?
    So yeah, I want you all to join me in the events team and host fabulous games for the Habbo population to enjoy *+*+

    All you need to do is send me a message with the following info -
    Habbo Name:
    Habbox Forum Name:
    Time Zone:
    Name two events that you would like to host and a little detail on each:
    Do you have your own events room/s? (If not, not a problem!):

    And there's a whole new payment system just put into place with a massively improved payout! Take a gander....

    Ok boys and girls, here's the deal! You host, you earn
    simplez right?

    The last few versions of payment schemes have been somewhat unnecessarily complicated for everyone involved, most importantly ME so to make it easier for everyone (and in fact, far more profitable for you!) I'm changing the entire process. No more points-for-tasks, no more trying to convert reward tiers into prizes, just simple and reasonable coins for your efforts!

    These payment levels have been designed to inspire as much activity as possible with steady increases and boosts as the numbers go higher, and will on average give farrrr more than the previous scheme
    for example, in the old system hosting 5 times in a week would have bagged you on average 3 credits, whereas that's now been
    more than doubled
    ! So without any more blathering from me, here are the new simplified, addified, superspecialified payment levels *+*+*+*+*+

    Host 2
    - minimums met, thank you!
    Host 3
    - 5c earned
    Host 4
    - 6c earned
    Host 5
    - 7c earned
    Host 6
    - 8c earned
    Host 7
    - 10c earned
    Host 8
    - 12c earned
    Host 9
    - 14c earned
    Host 10
    - 16c earned
    Host 11
    - 20c earned
    Host 12
    - 25c earned
    More than 12
    - get knighted idk top effort, 4real if you reach this stage and beyond I'll sort something out specifically

    And that's that! No extra nonsense to work out, no input needed from you as host, just easy payment for the work that you do
    we're thankful for all the work you do, and hopefully this new payment scheme will better reflect our immense gratitude to you all

    Much Habbo love,
    Events Manager
    | TWITTER |

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    Feb 2006
    Sunny Worthing
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    Bumping this because hey everyone should join events *+*+*+ we have the best rewards system and the best people (me)

    There are also a load of rooms that you can use to host in if you don't have your own, or want to host something that you haven't built! It's all gravy, so sign up right now
    | TWITTER |

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