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    Default Valentines Forum Updates

    Hello everyone - it's nearly Valentines day!

    We've decided to give a cheeky little revamp to the old forum for Valentine's day - with a twist, but more of that when Laura provides more info!


    STOP RIGHT THERE! There are a magical SIX new icons available in the shop... right now! They sell for 200 tokens each, so get saving up. We have a mixture of some new ones and old classics!

    We have Valentine's Envelope, Valentine's Kiss and Rose available for the lovey-dovey lot of us!

    However, not everyone enjoys Valentine's day (in fact a recent study said 38% of people don't celebrate!) so we decided to pay homage to those that don't with some ANTI-VALENTINES forum icons! We have a Broken Heart, Valentines Skull and a Burning Heart for you to choose from!


    We have now released a forum skin for you to enjoy, designed by a very own @lawrawrrr;

    Find it in the Forum Skins under 'The Dojo'!

    I've heard @Conor; will be pleased with this news!


    We will have TWO SETS of VIP coming your way within the next couple of days too, so keep an eye out for that!
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    We have an update!!

    There are TWO VIPs available to buy from the Donator page.

    Firstly: celebrate ANTI VALENTINE'S with Habbox!

    Check out this burning heart VIP as displayed on Bertie! Flashing between red and grey it's the perfect way to celebrate your HATRED for Valentine's day!

    Then: we of course have the standard PINK Valentine's VIP!

    This flashes between dark and light pink and has a cute pink userbar.

    You can buy both from just 1 in our donator page which helps contribute to the very costly running of Habbox!

    BUY NOW!


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