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    Question Have you heard of the app Sweatcoin?

    Basically this app is an app you can download on your phone and once you have set it up all you have to do is walk and you will earn "Sweatcoin" for walking. Once you save this money up you can buy things with it that are posted on the store.

    A few examples of things would be an iPhone X, 1,000 PayPal credit, 1,000 Thompson Holiday Money. You will be thinking that all of those will cost a lot, they do but there are some cheaper things available.

    You can change you subscription on the app so you can earn more money daily, the starting subscription allows you to earn 5 Sweatcoin. If you go over your subscrption you wont earn anymore money.

    If your interested in downloading this app you can go to this link: sweatco.in/hi/sonnynixon

    The app looks like this:

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    Just wondering if anyone tried this apps, or is it just another bs apps XD Anyone?

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