Basically, all you've got to do is: Send a Private Message (PM) with subject 'Graphics Application' to LUCPIX on the forum with the following form completed...

Habbo Name:
Position(s): Graphic Designer / Pixel Artist / Both
Graphic Design/Pixel Art Tool(s) You Use (if applicable):
Example(s) of your work (if available):
FURTHERMORE, you can also drop him a message in case have any, any, any questions about the Graphics department.
The first fifteen minutes are always the weirdest on your journey, but when you least expect it, you'll become a pro, with style and a lot of equally talented people to share some your works.

(OK, we're always on this endless search for improvement, but hopefully you'll be able to make an enlightening and good part of the process here, in a mutual exchange of ideas and - why not - criticism with me and all your future fellow artists)

Greetings from LUCPIX and the whole Graphics' Crew