Hello Habbox!
I'm David, the owner of a brand new online general discussion forum - the name of which, I am keeping under wraps until i've sourced a committed and forward thinking team. I am looking to launch this forum in the very near future, and currently have a vB Licence along with a Shoutcast radio to entertain the community - we're in discussions with various licensing organisations regarding the Radio Licence, so this will be implemented after initial launch.

As the site is in development, i'm looking to recruit talented individuals to join the team - all of our roles are currently voluntary but as I have a business offline too, each member of our online team will become part of the 'Extra Colleague Benefits' scheme in which offers discounts and freebies from various well known brands across the UK and online. Should the site take off as expected, these roles will develop in to paid roles to build our team and engagement online. My offline business will foot the bill for domain hosting, licensing etc, and looking forward will be able to support this for a long period of time.

So, what am I looking for?
Currently, I'm looking for:

Site Web Designers
To design graphics to be used on the site. Please attach evidence of your previous work to the message to ensure a full evaluation can take place.

Forum Managers
I'm looking for two vB experienced forum managers to work alongside myself to create a bustling community. You will be expected to understand the vB admin panel, and basic site functionality. You will also be expected to work with our Moderation team to ensure we moderate appropriately and that our community can scale up accordingly. (Basic site functionality includes installing plugins)

Forum Moderators
I'm looking for vB MOD Panel experienced users, who can devote time to keep our boards clean and safe for our visitors.

To apply, please send an email to recruitment@blabit.co.uk listing your experience within this role, and a short paragraph about why you would be suitable. Good luck!