We've had the Alteration Archive on our site for 4 YEARS now (crazy!!) but for Content Week we decided to completely revamp the archive. From now on it will be named the Pixel Art Showcase, rather than the Alt Archive, as this will allow us to accept all sorts of pixel art from artists, whether they are Habbo alterations or not!

You can see the new Pixel Art Showcase by clicking here, or it can be found under the Goodies tab on the Habbox site.

So... what's changed?
● Completely new design!
● Renamed to Pixel Art Showcase
● Removed artists whose image links had broken/expired
● Uploaded all images using the Habbox uploader to stop the above from happening again
● Each artist now has their own page, meaning we now have more room to play around with to add their art, and it's also easier for users to find the artist you are looking for
● A new artist was added! (hello @ExtraKen; )

Who can submit their art? And how do I do it?
Anyone can be featured there, as long as you're a Habbox member. If you want to be added, send a PM to Sho with a good handful of pixel art and/or alterations you've created.

Every member who gets their work featured on this archive will be awarded the following award:

As always, if you spot any issues please report them using this thread here.