As you might have seen earlier this week HabboxWiki has got a fresh new logo and now, its got a brand new matching front page too!

Many thanks to @lawrawrrr; and @Sho; who have put together the pretty new page. If you go and check it out right now here's what you will see:

And below that:
The bright new design!
Featured articles and facts
The latest edits and files
The Habbox Twitter
Pages that need help

By having all of this in the one place it's super easy to find your way around. The newest Habbo features will be on the front page and the featured articles and facts are there so you can learn something new!

There's also a section for pages that could do with some work so it's easier to find a way to contribute. If you see something you know a thing or two about go ahead and add it in!

And as with all of these new launches, if something is not right report it right here