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    Default Launch #6 ~ Guides!

    After working on these for so long, words cannot express how relieved I am to finally have them released

    As of now, we have a large variety of guides that will cover everything from how to set up and host events, to how to create graphics using different programmes. The guides can be found under the Habbo tab on the Habbox Site, and you should be able to easily navigate between each guide category!

    What guides do we offer?
    We currently offer guides for:
    Back to Basics (a section mainly for those who are either new to the game or have recently returned.)

    All the guides are available to be read on site, apart from the event guides that are found on the wiki (although the link to these is found on the site!)

    Want to help out?
    Of course, we're not done yet. This is still an on-going process and we'll still be adding more and more guides to our collection. If you want to help us out, you can do so in many ways! The Content Design department is currently looking to hire some tutorial writers, so if you're interested in becoming one and writing your own guides for us, please contact @Ekelektra;!

    If you want to help us out, but aren't interested in writing your own, you can use our "Suggest a Guide" form that's located on the main Guides page on site (click here!)


    As always if you find something that doesn't look quite right, please report it in our bugs thread here.
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