We have some great news for you!

If you win a competition you will now get a second chance to win another prize!
Each time you win a Habbox competition from the 'Competitions' thread, you will automatically gain 1 ticket for the raffle.

To get you all excited we've decided to a draw right now! So, to all those who won a competition in April...

FlyingJesus - Won Habbox statistics: Guess the VIP!
Ozad - Won Apocalypse
Tupoxi - Won Superpower personality
Hannah - Won Bill Nye the Science Guy
Ozad - Won Pun Run
Teenblondegirl - Won Gaming Twitter competition
Drewar - Won Fill in the Blank
Neversoft - Won Royal Baby
Hannah - Won Star Wars
Badr56 - Band bother
Twitter user - Unicorn comp
Twitter user - Telescope comp
Twitter user - Man on the moon comp

And the winner is.......


You've won 1 month HC ! Contact me on Habbo to claim your prize!

Make sure the rest of you enter all our May Competitions!

Please note that Twitter winners are given the chance to win, but can only claim IF they have a forum account.
If prize is not claimed within a month, there will be a redraw.