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    Default [NEW] Habbox Official Rooms!

    Finally! It's time to announce our new set of official rooms. For months now I've been on a search and I've chosen the best rooms, all for different reasons. All of these rooms are up to a very high standard and as I mentioned before I will be using the official rooms a lot more than what we have done in the past so keep an eye out for more info on that!

    You might be asking, why do we have official rooms? Well the answer to that in one word is advertisement. We advertise their rooms and in return they advertise Habbox, this might be from a bot, stickies or wired.

    We have quite a long list of official rooms this time around so unfortunately we won't be looking for any more official rooms anytime soon but I will let you know if we open applications again at some point!

    Now let's get onto the announcement!

    Habbox Hallway - Owned by lawrawrrr

    The Habbox Hallway is owned by lawrawrrr and this is where all the teleporters linking to all official rooms will be placed. You can enter this room by visiting the help desk by searching despect and going through the door teleporter. The Hallway is a nice and cosy room where you can hang out with your friends and talk to other Habbox staff members!

    Habbox Help Desk - Owned by despect

    The Habbox Help Desk is where you can come to get any help you may need, talk to other habbos and have a good ol' time just chilling out. The Help Desk is currently managed by Sloths and Tupoxi with a fantastic Help Desk team so please do come visit us sometime! Search despect to visit the room, hope to see you soon .

    Ultra Rare Trade - owned by DJ_Shadow

    The Ultra Rare Trade is an Official Habbox Trade Room. This room consists of a wide range of rare and unique furni, that you may not be able to find anywhere else on Habbo! The Ultra Rare Trade is contributed to by many habbo's around the hotel. If you are interested in seeing these spectacular ranges or simply would like to trade, you should get yourself down there. To find the Ultra Rare Trade, search DJ_Shadow on client.

    Recruitment Lounge - Owned by ExtraKen

    The Recruitment Lounge, well it says it in the name is where you come to be recruited as staff at Habbox or find more information about each department, there is always someone on hand to give you advice. We will be holding most of recruitment events there so keep an eye out for that. Search ExtraKen to visit the room!

    Habbox School - Owned by despect

    Habbox School is a new project myself and other people have been working on. The school itself is based on the ever so famous Hogwarts. You will be able to attend lessons where you'll play games and gain a lot of knowledge about what each department does around Habbox. Search despect to visit the room!

    Takeshi Castle - Owned by Tupoxi

    Do you remember back in the day when all you saw on Habbo was Takeshi Castle mazes? Well our wonderful Nikk has reopened his Takeshi Castle where he's got a lot of really great maze rooms ranging from banzai maze to guess the item etc, it's definitely worth taking a look! Search Tupoxi to visit the room!

    Tile Runner - Owned by Its.Dino

    Are you a fan of mini maze rooms? Well Dino has a great one for you, this room was built by our very own Room Builders manager. You can come along and try beat the highest scores. Search Its.Dino to give it a go!

    Freeze Game - Owned by Shonly

    Shonlys Freeze game is bound to make you as cold as ice but that doesn't matter because you can go there and win a lot of really cool prizes. You can come along and battle against your friends or even against people you don't even know! Will you be the King or Queen of the ice? come try your luck by searching Shonly!

    Tree house Cafe - Owned by Embyro

    Are you a fan of sitting outside with nature having a nice cool pixel drink? Well, we have the room just for you. Embryo has opened his tree house cafe to serve the people of Habbo and give you a place to hang out and a good time, come join in the conversation. Search Embryo on client!

    Disney Maze - Owned by David.A.P

    A wholeee new worlddddd! Sorry, I was getting my Disney on, you should too! David has made his very own Disney maze for all of those Disney lovers out there where you can go through all of the magical Disney world. Search David.A.P to visit the room!

    Eyecatcher Art Gallery - Owned by Stringled

    Eyecastcher Art Gallery is one of the biggest galleries on Habbo. You can go through all of their rooms and see their amazing work, all done by hand, with a lot of care. They have art work that can cater all of your interests whether that being anything from Music, Habbo or your pets, yes they can do pretty much anything. Why not visit their gallery today? Search Stringled on client to visit the room!

    And that's all of our new additions to the official rooms. I'm very proud of all of our official rooms and I hope you all enjoy


    J x

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