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    Default Italy moves closer to forming a populist, anti-EU government

    Italy moves closer to forming a populist, anti-EU government

    The 5* Movement and Lega Nord are close to forming a government after weeks of deadlock

    Yes getting close now... although a strong example against proportional representation which results in it taking months to form a government, often (not in this case) with the same party in that was just defeated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Politico
    Matteo Salvini may not have won the election. But in the maneuvering that followed Italy’s inconclusive March 4 parliamentary poll, the Euroskeptic leader of the far-right League party has emerged as his country’s fastest rising political star.

    Salvini may have dropped calls for a referendum on Italy’s eurozone membership, but he has doubled down on his pledges to ignore the EU’s fiscal rules, such as a 3 percent limit on budget deficits. His key economic proposals include a budget-busting reversal of a 2011 pension reform and a 15 percent flat tax on personal income and private companies that critics say would cause government revenues to plummet.

    Salvini is also an avowed admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, raising the specter that the eurozone’s third-largest economy would, for the first time, be closer to Budapest than Berlin, complicating French and German efforts at EU reform.
    And all building up for the 2019 European Elections (which won't include Britain) where nationalist, anti-EU parties will likely build on their victories in the 2014 elections which saw Ukip come first in the UK and the Front National in France.

    What would be funny is that if, in the end, in the EU there is a majority for national right-wing governments so that they are making EU policy. What will the liberal establishment in Paris and Berlin then do when they are being told what to do from Budapest and Rome with an EU that is close to the Kremlin? Delicious stuff. I guess the conclusion in the end will be the same conclusion we reached.

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