Hello!! Happy Winning Wednesday!!
(or Triumph Thursday for some of us on the other side of the world hehehe)

If you've been a lucky bunny you may have or about to be receiving a celebratory PM about your winnings!

If you haven't that's okay we have a heap of fun new comps open that you may have better luck with. Plus there's heaps of our fab rainbow Comps VIP up for grabs, 2 1/2 months worth!!

Despect wants to know all your Habbox Memories and more importantly what you'd like to return.
There's five chances at winning 5c and 50 tokens or 2 Weeks Comps VIP

Lawrawrrr's back with her stats - try and guess the top viewed Wiki Page
Win 20c + 1 Month Comps VIP

Play a bit of Jeopardy with myself - What's the funniest question you can think of?
Win 10c and 100 tokens, or 1 Month Comps VIP

Dress up for Ozad in your best Royal costume and see if you can be the belle of the ball!
Win 20c or 200 tokens, plus 2 Weeks crown icon!


Don't forget our monthly comp we have open
we have up to 75c up for grabs in the Habbox Art Contest!

Have a good rest of the week team xx