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    Default Wildlife Pond project

    So at the very back of our garden there was always this area that was full of weeds, rubbish... we used to store logs for firewood there but ever since it's sort of fallen apart and been left. Every year I thought, I need to do something with that... but never did. Thought of a few things, vegetable patch, wildflower patch, greenhouse... but few weeks back I thought right I am going to actually sort that eyesore and I settled on a wildlife pond. I haven't got pictures of it before I cleared it, but it was basically collapsed fencing, a split oil container leaking out, rubble, wood with nails in, plastic buried under rotting leaves... a right state!

    I have a picture though of like two days after I installed the pond and two pictures of the pond yesterday when I had pretty much finished. It's now got 10 orfe fish living in it, and about 15 to 20 tadpoles I went and caught. Frogs have been taking a dip too, so far come across 3.

    So in the space of like 2 weeks I went from this...

    And now to this, finished....

    I believe in letting things be wild (the English cottage garden style) so i was going for a look which made it look like it's been there for a while. It has no filters as I want the heavy planting to naturally filter it. It's a wildlife pond not a fish pond.

    The cool thing is that pretty much all of it has come either out of the ground where I dug the whole (the bricks, the slate) or from the canal/a bog on an old railway line by my house (the planting and tadpoles) so I have recycled a lot + saved a lot of money.

    Only thing left now is some wild flowers against the wall and that blocked out window I am going to stick mirror stickers on it and paint the frame a bright colour like blue or purple.. and get a bench and paint same colour. I'll post an update when I have done in a couple of weeks or so!!

    What ya'll think?
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