Revealed: Ukip's Brussels Brexit Day party plans - at taxpayers' expense

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The UK Independence Party is planning to throw a Brexit party in Brussels at the taxpayer’s expense on the last day of Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Ukip MEPs have plotted to bus in supporters from the UK to hijack the ceremonial lowering of the Union Flag outside the European Parliament on 29 March 2019.

British MEPs from the other parties will walk outside the building in the heart of Brussels' European quarter on Brexit Day to witness the UK flag being hauled down for the last time.

Ukip sources confirmed the plan was to cheer and pop champagne in front of the TV cameras at the solemn occasion and to get the EU to cover travel expenses, which could be as high as £28,600.
Epic trolling by Nige and the gang.

Now how will you be celebrating/sadly watching? I'm going to have a tipple for sure, a few brandy maybe.