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    Lightbulb Room Builder's Applications!

    A once in a Habbo lifetime opportunity for you at Habbox!
    I'm guessing you must've come across an event on Habbo which you played and at the end of it you were given a small but sweet reward to add to your profile. Here at Habbox we are hiring those people who will host the rooms for more of those sweet rewards!
    We have a team of dedicated, creative and inspiring builder's who work the extra mile to achieve that aesthetically pleasing event.
    We give you the opportunity to let your building flourish on Habbo and become recognized for your efforts.
    We are in persuit for creative builder's. Will you be one of them?


    1. Have your own furniture or builders club.
    2. You must be able to build rooms within a short period of time.
    3. Work well within a team.
    4. Have a Skype account.
    5. Be creative and flexible.
    6. A basic understanding of wired

    If you think you fit the above criteria then fill in your application here and send me a private message.[/LEFT]

    Message me here:
    HabboxForum | Habbo | Twitter

    What to include in your application:

    • Your Habbo(.com) name
    • Your Skype name
    • Why you should be considered as a Builder
    • Screenshots (or room links) of your best rooms

    If you participate in any room competitions hosted by Habbox, make sure to reference them in the application.
    Our team is made up of all different wired and building strengths and everyone from builders to managers are willing to help and support you in the best way possible.

    Our main aim is for you as a builder to have fun and to enjoy!
    I'm looking forward to reading your applications!
    Applications are currently: CLOSED

    Good Luck & Get Applying QUICK!
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