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    Default Welcome to Winning Wednesday!!

    Good Morninggggg, it's Wednesday!

    Who's ready for some new comps???

    PM's will be going out for all the winners but if you didn't win don't worry
    there are more chances out now!

    WIN 10C DAILY!?! Yes you heard right, Despect is giving away another 10c a day with his Word Genius competition. All you have to do is think of a name starting with a certain letter - simple right???? Get to it!

    Feeling like a certain Habboxer is doing well lately, or really looking fine?? Check out YellowBelli's comp because she's giving you a chance to win prizes for being nice, how about that?? Go compliment someone here!

    And finally, RuthOnToast (or should I say The Mighty Toast) wants you to come up with your own wrestling name, be creative and be in to win some credits or VIP, I wonder what mine would be?? Post your name here

    Also check out our twitter for comps throughout the week!


    Also, don't forget we're looking for some other fab people to join our new trialist Jamiexo in the comps department, so if you're interested flick YellowBelli a PM or a message on Skype!
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