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    Red face Thank God! - Ends 20th June

    Hey. As you know, we live in a quite separated world despite communication and technology of no boundaries. There are others in another side of the world that have to go through wars, starvation and poverty. Limiting them from having the ability to change their nation into a better place but yet, a change doesn't necessarily needs to start from the top but also from the bottom. That is why, amidst all the hardships, they can still smile and play, joyfully. Because ultimately, they change themselves. For a better inner-peace and satisfaction.

    And one of the most important change required by a person is to always be thankful. For all the things we have and not all the things we don't. That is the only way we can embrace our life to the fullest. Have you ever thanked for what you have today?

    So, this competition is very simple. You just have to say what you are thankful for The longer, the better!

    Prize = 10c or 50 tokens + 2 weeks forum vip
    (and also your inner peace)

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    This competition is now open!
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    I am very thankful that I was born with talipes (still have the permanent side effects and surgeries), epilepsy and autism. If I did not have these I would be a completely different person and the opposite to who I am today.
    I avoid alcohol and became responsible very early in my days before others who are still doing silly stuff today.
    As for the autism I am thankful for it because its allowed me to not only see peoples true colours early but it has given me gifts beyond normal to regular people.
    I am now completing alternative options in my bucket list as their are things I cannot do such as travelling so I complete it all in a different way and I do not sulk around, I stand up for other people who suffer from special needs as well as experiencing the hardships in life, and if god hadn't allowed this all to happen I wouldn't have become such a positive influence for some people online (and a few in secret in real life) and being who I am today.
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    I know mine is not nearly in detail, but I would like to be thankful for the most basic things. Like with what was said in the bio of the competition, some people do not have the basic necessities of life. Sometimes I take it for granted the basic things that I have (food, water, and shelter). I am thankful for these every day and I will not take them for granted anymore because some people do not even have these things.

    Another thing I am truly thankful is for my family and my boyfriend. Friends may come and go, but these people have stuck with me through everything and they are always giving their never ending support and love and for that I will forever be thankful.

    I am also thankful for the opportunities I have been given in my life. Whether it be having a constant part time job while I am studying in college, or to being given the opportunity to meet and become friends with a lot of Habbox Staff, I am grateful for every opportunity that has been in my path & I will continue to be thankful for all of these opportunities
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