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    Thumbs up Guess the State! - Ends June 20th

    Hello everyone! My name is Jamie & I am currently a Trial Competitions Staff! I am so happy to be on board, so stick with me as this is my first post & I am not all too familiar with forums at the moment!

    So, for those of you that do not know much about me, I am from the United States! I have lived here all of my life, although I would love to travel to different countries once I am done with college!

    Sooo... with that being said, my first competition will be a fairly simple one! The competition is to guess which state I am from.
    There are 50, so choose wisely PM your entries to @Habboxcomps.

    Prize: 5c (randomly selected if more than 1 winner) & all correct answers get an owl icon!

    Good luck everyone!

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    This competition is now open!

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