OHhhhhhh we're half wayyy thereeee!

It's Wednesday and we're halfway through the week! Closer to the weekend (phew!) and new competitions have been posted (yay)!
We've had a wonderful week with plenty of great competitions and entries!

Our fave competition was "Word Genius" by Despect, well done to all the winners @TinyFroggy; x2, @Ozad; @LUCPIX; @cameron446:; @Oivind; & @Jaimexo; ! I believe one more will be picked soon too!

Another noteworthy competition was "This will make you smile.." because it really did make many of us smile!
Well done to @Lewis; for being the overall winner!

@LUCPIX; I don't really know you well but I love your enthusiasm
We are yet to pick the winner for "Wrestling Madness" but keep an eye on your notifications

So what's new?

We have a Caption Phrase for a chance to win a Spiderman forum icon (It's so cute!) and "It's kinda a funny story" to win a surprise!
We also have a Competition from two of our newest members, @TinyFroggy; and @jamiexo; ! Check them out here.

Last but definitely not least, welcome back @Brad; ! Brad has returned to our growing competitions department.
You can all expect to see plenty more competitions each week! I'm so thankful !

Good luck entering competitions!

YellowBelli x