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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenMerc View Post
    get rid of icons please
    Omg why ! *requests icon for Goldenmerc*

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    Quote Originally Posted by -:Undertaker:- View Post
    I would like to see themed icons used more often. Like this year the Royal Baby Crown, Crown for Queens Birthday, Chinese New Year ETC haven't come out which is a shame. Also, no discounts on things like the St George's flag despite there being a world cup on!?

    Thought for a while the icon/awards should be made into a separate staff role.
    We did a royal baby competition which had a prize of a crown icon :-) tbh I’ve never really paid any attention to the shop because everytime i did check, it only had a few icons in, and they never really updated. Maybe it’s different lately though.

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    New icon sets are brought out a few times a year (usually seasonally) so they are updated quite often! We should do more special offers though thatís a good idea. @Joe;!

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