Hi everyone!

As most of you are aware, Wednesday is the day Habbox close current competitions to select winners and we also open new competitions for you to enter. We've just closed Eye Spy, What would you do?, Hipster Hype & Road rage! Thank you to all those who entered including the 32 Twitter entries to What would you do?! A big thanks to @Sloths;, @Cameron446;, @Ozad; and @TinyFroggy; for these competitions.

Whats new?

Check out Habbox.com/comps for 4 new competitions. Our competitions this week are hosted by @despect;, @Ozad;, @TinyFroggy; and myself.

In a few days the competitions department will host our monthly winners raffle - if you've won a competition this month keep an eye out for the draw! I'll be giving away 31 days of HC or 2 weeks comps VIP.

In other news....

It's HABBOX 15TH BIRTHDAY next week!!! We have lots of activities and prizes to be won, maybe someone will host a birthday party! (I know @FlyingJesus; is eager to wear his birthday suit..) Look out for the announcements on forum and Twitter and make sure you log in on the 3rd July

Sending lots of luck for the rest of the week !!

YellowBelli x