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    Default Ditch The Label Annual Bullying Survey 2018

    So Ditch the Label has today issued the results for their 2018 bullying survey. It has found a rise in children who have experience of bullying turn to self-harming and developing mental health issues.

    9,150 people aged 12-20 participated in the survey from all across the UK. The following question was the focus point and how it was answered is also stated below;

    In the past 12-months and based on your own definition, what have been your experiences of bullying?
    I have been bullied - 22%
    I have witnessed bullying - 22%
    I have BULLIED SOMEBODY - 2%

    I will leave you to read the rest of the report, which can be found here!
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    I am SHOCKED and 100% sure that 22% is that low for witnessed AND been bullied. I would expect it much, much higher. Also the 2% have bullied... who would admit to bullying really? I would be surprised if that was the true number...................

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    To be fair that is only for the past 12 months but yeah the figures are pretty low, especially considering you'd expect most of the people who participate in that sort of survey to be doing so because they're a bully victim
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