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    Default Habbox Birthday 2015

    In 2015, we said goodbye to as it was merged with Here are some songs from 2015, you may notice they are SLIGHTLY different, they are indeed in reverse, all you need to do is listen to the songs and try guess them, I need the ARTIST AND SONG NAME!

    1st song:

    Clue: Is it too late now to say ____?

    2nd song:

    Clue: Black ____?

    3rd song:

    Clue: Oh I think I found myself a ____?

    4th song:

    Clue: Cool for the ___?

    5th song:

    Clue: I'll be needing ___?

    Once you've got all the answers please PM me by clicking here with your answers!

    Best of luck!!

    J x

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