To kick off our first lot of Disney quick competitions we're going to play a game called "Who am I?"

For this competition I'm going to give you some clues in a form of a question and you have to try guess who I am.

Without further ado here they are:

1. I love nature and adventure, I never wear shoes, and my best friend's name is Nakoma. Who am I?

2. I am evil, I have two henchmen that I love deeply, and I wear a shell necklace. Who am I?

3. I can make your dreams come true, I call my best friend "Al", and I have a beard. Who am I?

4. I am very loyal, I never wear shoes but ALWAYS wear boots. Their is a name at the bottom of my boot. Who am I?

5. My two best friends are not human, I've been poor my whole life, and I wear a purple vest. Who am I?

Once you've got the answers, all you need to do is PM me by clicking here.

Everyone who enters will get themselves 1 point towards the prize draw then I'll randomly select a winner to win themselves a massive 5 points!

Best of luck

J x