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    Default TV Throwback Week! Win old school rares & Exotic birds!

    Wahooo, we're very excited to host TV Throwback week! Oh my, flashbacks! We have planned a special little week of themed competitions, and a special TV throwback Cossie Change (The Disney one was so fun so we just had to do it again!)

    Here's what's happening..

    Wednesday 18th July - 21st July: Twitter competition to win a set of Exotic birds (winner announced 21st @ 6.30pm BST)
    Wednesday 18th July - 25th July: TV Throwback themed forum competitions
    Saturday 21st July @7pm BST: Saturday Night Quiz @ Habbox Help Desk
    Saturday 21st July @8pm BST:Cossie Change (search ExtraKen) 10 rounds themed by all our old fave TV shows

    How do I win?!

    All entrants to the SNQ, Cossie Change and forum/twitter competitions will get 1 Throwback point. Winners get 3 points.
    Points will be added up and the overal winners announced on Wednesday 25th July.


    Some throwback rare furni..!



    3rd: Forum icon hehe

    Bonus prize: Set of Exotic birds (more detail on how to win them shortly..)

    Have fun!

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    We've added up all the points for TV Throwback competitions, cossie change and SNQ, and the scores are as follows.....

    1. @Ekelektra; - 11 points
    2. @Cadigyna; - 11 points
    3. @Blance; - 10 points
    4. @FlyingJesus; - 10 points
    5. @TinyFroggy; - 7 points
    6. @jamiexo; - 7 points
    7. @Sho; - 6 points
    8. @paul99099; - 4 points
    9. @someboyrafa; - 3 points
    10. @LUCPIX; - 1 point
    11. @cameron446:; - 1 point
    12. @Sloths; - 1 point
    13. @Jarkie; - 1 point
    14. @Neversoft; - 1 point
    15. @Badr56; - 1 point

    We have a joint 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!!!! It was all very close..

    Cadigyna & Ekelektra both get:
    FlyingJesus & Blance both get:

    Both TinyFroggy and Jamiexo get the spoon forum icon!

    Thanks for taking part!!! We will private message those who won other prizes

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