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    Default What can I use Duckets for?

    I remember there used to be a section in the Furni Shop which was specifically for duckets. When I've taken interest in finding something all I find is an effect that I can purchase.

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    Default What can I use Duckets for?

    You can use duckets now for various of things avatar effects, catalogue items, and also credit exchange if Iím right in that donít quote me on it though

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    The Area, Mode, and Pura categories have a load of stuff for duckets going cheap atm, "rare" colours and stuff for a limited time
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    I use them on room promotions, or stock up on random banzai teleporters they always come in handy for events.

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    Go to your Habbo Shop ----->Furni------> Furni By Line. Anything with a Purple Coin symbol on it you can buy using your ducks. Some you need coins. I will list only the itens you can buy with Ducks only.

    Room Building------> Carpet-----> Rugs {Grey rug and USVA rug I recommend.}

    Room Building-----> Door-----> Single Glass door, Door that look like an vertical ice cube

    Room Building-----> Teleport-----> Wardrobe, Banzai teleporter {Wardrobe allow you to link 2 rooms together. You can go in and out of each room. The Banzai one is for going from one end of a spot to another. Not for linking rooms. One purchase gives you 2 teleport}

    Room Building-----> Windows----> 70's window, Small romantic window}
    Room Building----> Space---->View----> Change your window view.
    Accessories: Sticky Pole, notes, soda cans , pizza box {Sticky Pole allow you to write a message with sticky notes}
    Outdoor Furni------> Vegetation----->Plants, Small trees, Rose vase {Rose vase is cool. Small trees/plant is ok but it kind of have a big base to me}
    Outdoor-----> Water Feature----> Water geyser, ditch

    Anna------> Chairs and Lamps {The chairs here look comfy. I recommend these chairs}
    Base-----> Plants, rugs, small table , chair, square base light
    {The table is square and it is slightly tall. I don't recommend using it for a table. You an also stand on top of it. The chairs are slightly tall too. The light is like a short floor lamp to me.}
    Bathroom-----> Shampoo
    Country------> Ditch corner, a log you can sit two people on, Bush gate divider
    Cube-----> Desk chair, Shelving unit, bean bag chair, glass table, wall desk light, floor spot lamp, slightly light-able rug, cupboard, sofa seat, glass table
    Diner-----> Gate, Sofa that look more like a sofa chair
    Gardening-----> Plant bed
    Habbo University-----> Little items: Magazine, gameboys, pizza, rubix cube. {Too small stuff that they could had kept or give out for free}
    Spa------> Spa wall that slightly light up, door, plants
    Ice----> Chairs {They're not too fancy like the Anna chairs}
    Kitchen-----> Hanging rack, wall knife set {A waste. They could had given us some food}
    Lodge----> Candle lamp on a stool, wooden single bed, wooden bookcase. {The wooden bookcase look a bit too big.}
    Mode----> Small silver table {I don't recommend this item. It take up way too much space because it is thick. Not a good table. No woner it is only 25 ducks}
    Neon-----> Microphone stand, party lights on the wall that look like stickers, Disco ball {Disco ball is cool}
    Pool-----> Float able pool chairs, float able pool mattresses, soda cooler, circle raft {I recommend the soda cooler. You can take out a soda and drink it.}
    Pura-----> Tile-like blocks, quarter round thingy., tall lamp, shelve, bed that can hold 2 people {The tile like can't really do anything with them unless you want to either use it for a tile flooring or a high block like tower thingy. I think you can raise the block up 4 times. I got creative with these blocks. I raise it up from the floor and use it for a table placing 1 chair on each side with a plant on the table.}
    USVA------> Table, small shelf that you can sit something on top of it.


    I am a broke Habbo. I try yo use what I can get with ducks to make my room work out. Along with any free items I receive from Habbo calendar gift for a whole month. {And a few coins I luck up on by doing surveys}

    If you check out Habbo theme Furni {Whatever they have betweetn Credit Furni Section and Inddor Furni Section} you may luck up on an iten you can buy using your ducks. For example, currently there is a Tokyo theme section. On the Japan Section that is within Toyko Section you can buy a Japanese Lantern for 150 ducks. When Habbo change their theme section furni go check out what you can get

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