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    Goldcoins Competitions update (Winning Wednesday!)

    Hi everyone!

    As most of you are aware, Wednesday is the day Habbox close current competitions to select winners and we also open new competitions for you to enter. We've just closed Party time!, What's your fave?, What's the Theme?, Guess The TV Soap & Guess the TV Character. Thank you to all those who entered. A big thanks to @YellowBelli;, @jamiexo;, and myself for these competitions, also thanks to @despect; who posted his famous word competition!

    We will now add up all the TV throwback points and contact winners. The scoreboard will be posted shortly!

    Whats new?

    This week our theme is space!
    Check out for 3 spaced themed competitions. We also have 2 extra competitions for you to enter. Our competitions this week are hosted by
    @jamiexo;, @RuthOnToast;, @TinyFroggy;, @Sloths; and myself. Check them out!

    Make sure you enter Childhood Habits, as this was the last competition Sloths posted while in the department. You can even win your own sloth!

    Have a lovely Wednesday x
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