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Thread: Podcasts?

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    Default Podcasts?

    My friend and I are planning on starting a podcast so I was wondering if any of you listened to podcasts and if you did what podcasts do you listen to and what do you like about them?

    I personally love the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast and the Design Life podcast among others. Iím currently going through episode after episode of Potterless which is excellent!

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    I don't subscribe to any personally but I really like ones about IT stories (there's a great one I CANNOT remember the name of that always told stories about how certain things were developed. One was all about cryptocurrency, it was so fascinating!) and I also love the BBC impressions show Dead Ringers!!

    I'd probably love comedy and talkshow ones more but I never have space on my phone ((

    For things I LIKE about them:

    • Not ALL talking, there's breaks where there's like a little short sound effect just to break it up a little (especially when changing topics)
    • Not too long or rambly, either really gripping stories or shorter ones (like 15-30m is my ideal as that fits my commute nicely)
    • Funny and confident hosts with personal anecdotes (in the more talking ones)

    I've not seen a design one, how does that work as you can't show anything through voice?

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    i only really listen to true crime podcasts, specifically discussing serial killers, unsolved murders, conspiracy theories, etc.
    the only podcast i'm actually subscribed to is "the last podcast on the left" mainly because i think they're funny. most eps are like 1.5 hours long, even 2 hours, which is ideal for me since the bus up north from uni can be really boring.

    i like podcasts that are funny and interesting but actually stay on topic. i used to listen to "my favourite murder" but i got so fed up that it took them like 25 minutes of talking about random shit to even start the podcast properly. like their podcast would be two hours long, but only like an hour if you cut out all the times they start talking about their jobs, ex-partners, etc. thought it was frustrating lmao

    idk i'm very picky when it comes to podcasts (which is why i'm only subscribed to one lmao) so i'm probs not v helpful x

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