If you don't know what The Box was, it was a monthly newsletter written by the lovely lawrawrrr back when she was AGM Content (and GM for a bit maybe? I don't remember). It's been a few years, but it's now being revived in the form of an article - and the first edition is out RIGHT NOW!!

This month's edition includes a trip to Habbo and Habbox past, a list of HabboxLive top 10, competitions, and even some quotes that have been sent in of some silly things you have said... and more!

To check out the first edition, it's available on the Habbox homepage, or you can CLICK HERE!


If you'd like to contribute, feel free to send me a PM or contact me in any other way!

If you have an idea for The Box and would like to share, please use THIS FORM and select Feedback in the drop-down menu up top! You can also use this form to submit content to be included in other sections!

Thank you - I hope you like it!