As you may have seen last week, I posted a thread asking for some advice on clearing out old/unused forum skins (see that thread here).

The reason I wanted to clear out some old skins is because every time there is a new VIP like the Disney one or the new Storybook VIP (available in the forum shop here!)

There was quite a lot of comments (and private chats!) about your PASSION for some of the older skins so I've been working up some alternatives. The last thing we want to do is annoy our loyal members who have been around for years so I hope you can appreciate the work I've put into this!

I've now split the skins (on the back end only) into Supported and Unsupported skins.

Supported skins are the main ones, that we will be updating and fixing bugs on:

Habbox Site Skin
The Dojo
Classic Skin

Unsupported skins are our legacy skins that (for some crazy reason, they're so old and vile) some of you wanted to keep. New VIP styles will be added to them still, but anything broken or just general feedback/requests will no longer be supported on these skins. If a new vBulletin update breaks them, they will be turned off!

Habbox Pink
Non-Habbo Light
Non-Habbo Dark
Habbox Site Skin 2010
Habbox Site Skin 2011

We do also have some discontinued seasonal skins, but these were not previously active. They may be brought back seasonally but we are more likely to be creating new ones based on our default skins, The Dojo and the new Site Skin.

As I have been playing around and moving things about, there is now a period where I will be accepting change requests for both the supported AND unsupported skins. Please post in the forum skin clearout thread (click here to get there!) with your requests and I'll work through what I can!

In the coming weeks I will also be looking for a new default mobile skin. This one is a mobile version of Habboxed, let me know if you like it!

If you have suggestions for new skins too, please do let us know!