Frank Field MP resigns the Labour whip

Birkenhead MP quits the Labour Party to sit as an independent as anti-semitism racism row engulfs party

Fantastic to see a party that calls everyone else racist engulfed by racism itself. Delicious.

That said, how sad to see the Labour movement lose Frank Field MP. Field, along with Hoey and a few others, represents the Labour party of The Earl Attlee: to the left but culturally conservative, patriotic, respectful. If anyone represents the northern working classes of this country, it is that handful of MPs - not the Blairites or the mad Trots who are taking over the party.

Field is one of the few Labour MPs that I would vote for.

This won't be the last resignation either. If rumours on the grapevine are to be believed, dozens of Labour MPs believe the party is lost to the far left and that a split is inevitable - many simply disagree over the timing of the split, before March 29th or after. Fireworks are coming...