Yay! Competitions! So what's new?

Have you noticed? We've posted new competitions for you to enter! This week is mostly a back to school theme as most of us have returned to school, college and university.

Check out @Jarkies; competition to return back to the first day of school and give yourself some advice. Maybe you could tell yourself to buy better stationery.. I know @jamiexo; would love to hear about all your stationery in this competition, I hear she has a thing for it....

Or maybe, you don't carrot all about going back to school, and would rather look at big vegetables with @James; Click here ! Maybe you'd rather just think about habbo in @TinyFroggy;'s competition... Click here!

DID I WIN!?!?!

We're currently picking the winner for "Guess who" and "Pet This" however I can tell you this:

@Samantha; won last week's "Trading Off" competition. The prize was 10c and VIP, but Samantha kindly donated her VIP prize to @Danny;!

@Cadigyna; has won "New to the scene" today, and has won a pixel poo and a yellow bear! We'll contact you shortly. Well done!

I hope you all enter our new competitions. Good luck!