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    Default India decriminalises gay sex

    I love how the media are portraying this as somehow the fault of the former Raj authorities. India has been independent now for 70 years! But no, as with everything it must somehow be the fault of colonalism or summat. IF ONLY the British hadn't have landed, why India now would be an LGBTXYZ paradise like every other country in the region (not). Right.

    Another point is, if anything the British moderated the law in the Raj. The former rulers of India, the Mughal Empire, had penalties ranging from lashes for non-muslims to the death penalty for muslims in regards to gay sex. Know your history as they say...

    Anyway this is good news and good that they've finally got round to it, even if it did take them 70 years.
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    First post in a while. Frankly, this doesn't actually mean all that much. Sure, it is legal - for most, the problem typically isn't what is legal and what isn't. The problem relates to societal issues.

    In India, people get murdered for marrying outside of caste, outside of religion, outside of parental preference. All perfectly *legal*, but the consequences can be tragic.

    Of course, in the main cities, things are changing; but legality and acceptability are two totally different things.
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