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    Default Fake iCloud emails??

    Is it just me or are other people getting loads of fake emails lately? Particularly from PayPal and iCloud - I'm literally getting 4 or 5 a DAY fake Apple emails. Here's one I just got that made me write this thread:

    It's not even NEARLY English so obviously it's fake but I've had some super realistic ones too. It really worries me I'll click one by accident!!

    Is it just me??
    examples of how predictable i am:

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    None recently but it does seem to go through phases, prob when one of the many places you've signed up to sells their mailing list
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    Curious that I been thinking about this subject on the streets more or less at the same time you posted this thread hahahaha - it's very rare for me to receive emails like this one but when it happens it's often about something I'm not even registered to, so it makes it easier to just filter forever and pronto

    Mainly banks calling me by any names other than Lucas telling they have detected problems and gaps on my supposed account and I needed to check clicking on this linkor, like you mentioned, fancy looking attachment interfaces that ACTUALLY are nothing but a broken JPG mimicking an attachment screen which takes us to another non-fancy-looking link lol.

    Been receiving bunches of emails selling blue pills!?
    Hittin' the books and such...... anyways, until the future!

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