Happy hump day!

It's Wednesday (or not, depending on your timezone ) so it's time to give you new competitions. Every Wednesday we close our current competitions, pick winners & open brand new sparkling competitions for you to enter, wahoooo! So let's get right to it and pick some winners.

OMG congratulations...

@FlyingJesus; for winning a Heart Dress in "Design my Wedding Dress"
@Ekelektra; for winning a Meow Suit in the forum scavenger hunt.
@lucyecc; for winning a Bunny hat for top poster during the fashion week(end).
@lawrawrrr; for winning 10c in "Whatever floats your boat" with dotting her t's and crossing her i's.
@Cadigyna; for winning 5c and 50 tokens in Spot the Difference
@Blance; for winning 10c or VIP in "Will you accept this rose"

and finally from last week...

@Martin;, @Sloths; and @Ekelektra; all win 5c in "Down Memory Lane"
@RoleeAnne; for winning "Back to school", winning a school bus and VIP

RoleeAnne: stop procrastinating and get your work down. Also stop making fun of yourself you are better than this.

What's new pussycat?

Most importantly, you NEED to enter the Habbox Bake Off! If you have not entered yet, you must try and beat this smug look off our assistant competitions manager @James;. He has made some yummy looking cupcakes! Can you do any better?

Also this week: Ice cream, riddles or weddings? I know what I'd pick.... but you don't have to pick! See them all by clicking here and win 10c, forum tokens, an ice cream and 2 week COMPS VIP.

Good luck everyone xx

P.s Want to write some competitions for us? Send me or @James; a message and we'll have a chat!