Well in my life I've never done a whole lot of good and it's taken a while to accept this but I think a little back story will help understand my good deed. It all started as a young child 7-10 years old I was raped and abused by a stranger and for years I couldn't say a word, couldn't talk about it or tell anyone and it killed me each and every day. It was a horrible experience that never should have happened and the guy was punished but that would never give me back that part of my life. It's embedded there and I have to accept that, but for the past year I've volunteered every Tuesday to go to the resource center and sit down with other victims of sexual abuse and trauma and talk to them, spend time with them, get to know them, let them know that they aren't alone and that this isn't the end for them. It's not the biggest deed in the world but it's close to my heart and my experience and if I can help others with closure, maybe it will continue to help with my own as well.

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