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    Default Winning Wednesday!! - Competition updates..Did you win?

    Happy Wednesday!

    I hope you've all had a lovely week so far. Over here in the UK the nights are drawing in, and it's starting to get a bit cold. In fact... even one of our staff members has drafted a Christmas competition!!! Where has the year gone....

    Okay so it's time to give you new competitions. Every Wednesday we close our current competitions, pick winners & open brand new sparkling competitions for you to enter, YIPPEE! So let's get down to business..

    OMG congratulations...

    @TinyFroggy; won 10c in "Matrimony Misfortunes" @nic01e; won an icecream forum icon and 50 tokens in "I scream, you scream"
    @LidyaWillows; won 2 weeks Comps VIP in "Say what you see"

    Congratulations! I will PM you shortly

    and finally..

    Extrava-games-a winners

    Thank you so much for everyone who took part in the monthly department event. This month it was the competition's department to host, and we really enjoyed thinking of ideas and taking part in the fun. We now hand over the baton to the Recruitment department who will host next month!

    Words with friends highest scorer:

    @Samantha; - score: 366

    Space Raider high score of the day:

    @Samantha; - score 26,590 (nearly beat the all time high score!)

    Skribbl champion:

    Well done! I'll PM you soon with your prize and point details!

    What's new?

    The deadline for the Habbox Bake Off has been extended till the end of the weekend, so hop over here and look at all the yummy entries so far.

    Today we have 4 new competitions:

    Flower Power by @TinyFroggy;
    Dessert Island Discs by @Jazzy;
    Planet Discovery by @RuthOnToast;

    & a lovely boss special: Habbox Stats by @lawrawrrr;

    See them all by clicking here.

    Good luck everyone xx

    P.s Want to write some competitions for us? Let us know!

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