We at the Helpdesk are looking for new staff members to help out the Habbo community, are YOU interested in being part of this wonderful team?

We are looking for:

Friendly and out-going members
A commitment of at least 3+ hours in the help desk each week
Naturally calm potatoes
Users who know a lot of information about Habbo and Habbox

If you would like to apply, send a private message to both Sian & Ruthontoast (you need a forum account for this) with the following questions answered:


Your Habbo Name & Timezone:
Approximately, how many hours do you think you can do per week:

- If someone was being mean to a visitor in HxHD what would you do to stop them?
- A user comes into the help desk asking on how to gain credits, how would you help them?
- A Habbo comes complaining of Habbos and furniture not loading, what would you recommend that they do?


If accepted you will be sent a Welcome PM and you will be placed onto a HxHD trial for two weeks - good luck!

Also if you've been staff before you may be able to return as full staff, just fill out the form and let us know.