Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're all having a good week! Let's see if we can make it even better with some prizes! Time to find out..

Congratulations to...

@FlyingJesus; who won 5c in the random draw for "Flower Power"
@Samantha; who won 10c for the correct answer in "Flower Power"
@hannahpig; who won 5c and 50 tokens in "Dessert Island"
@hannahpig; who won the whole world and 100 tokens in "Planet Discovery"

You go Glen Coco! (it's October 3rd today.... if you know, you know.)
We will contact you shortly winners! The winner of "Habbox Stats" has not yet been decided.. watch this space.

and finally..

The Great Habbox Bake Off!!

For task 1 we asked you to make cupcakes and boyyy did they look yummy! Here were the entries:
@James; @Ekelektra; @Empired; @lawrawrrr; @RuthOnToast; @Sloths;

(apologies for my quick edit in my very professional editing tool.. paint.)

See all the entries here.

and the Star Baker and winner of 20c, Comps VIP, and a medal goes to.....

@Empired; - they looked amazing!!

Get your oven preheated, because Task 2 will be posted very soon!

What's new?

Today we have 3 new competitions:

How to Theory by @James;
Random Wisdom by @TinyFroggy;
You can win 50 credits in Countdown to Christmas by @Jarkie;

See them all by clicking here.

Good luck everyone xx

P.s Want to write some competitions for us? Let us know!