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    Question Monthly Events Roundup - September!

    September has drawn to a close, and what a great month it has been for the Events Department!
    This month we will bringing back the monthly events roundup, each month we will have a quick review of all that has taken place in the department!

    The monthly roundup will consist of news and statistics from the department, also featuring several new additions, including Weekly events, Event Player of the month, and Events Organiser of the month.

    Events have been pretty consistent each week this month, with no major drops in activity or events being hosted. The active staff in the department however, has been changing, mostly due to College and Uni starting back up! We wish you all the best with your education of course, but don't forget about us

    During October the events department will be encouraging our staff to host a variety of different events! Habboxween is right around the corner and we look forward to providing as much fun as possible for everybody involved!

    Weekly Events
    Player of the Month
    Host of the Month
    Winners Raffle (Coming Soon...)
    Event Statistics

    This month marked the return of Habbox Weekly Events, with TWO new WEEKLY events!

    Prize Counter - Every Thursday @ 22:00BST - Hosted by Ozad

    Winners List

    Week One-
    ??? (5c)
    ??? (10c)
    ??? (Mushroom Man)
    LidyaWillows (Skull Hat)
    Week Two-
    Sanctixe (Sally the Sheep)
    All-A-Secret (31 Day HC Box)
    -Chris! - (Sally the Sheep)
    Nic01e - (Skull Hat)
    Week Three-
    VapeNashun (Mushroom Man)
    James (Skull Hat)
    .:Joana:. (50c)
    Confusable (Skull Hat)
    Klatie (5c)

    Banzai Bank Game - Every Saturday @ 23:00BST - Hosted by Ruth-On-Toast

    If you are interested in hosting a weekly event for Habbox, please contact @Ozad;
    To keep updated on our weekly events, click here:

    Starting this month we see the return of Player of the Month!
    To thank you all for supporting Habbox events, we have decided to bring back Player of the month!
    Each month we will select ONE lucky player who we think deserves to be crowned events player of the month.
    To earn yourself this title you will need to make yourself stand out to Events Staff within Habbox Events. There are a number of ways you can achieve this, the main one being just turning up and taking part in events!

    The lucky Person who wins this title and gets crowned player of the month, will be rewarded with the following Prizes:

    1 month of Forum VIP - colour of your choice
    (Example, Example, Example, Example, Example, Example)
    Player of the month Forum Award

    200 Forum Tokens
    30 credits
    +Bragging Rights!

    We hope this scheme will encourage everyone to attend Events more often and show your support towards the department. You can check the daily events timetable by clicking here:

    This month we will be introducing Events Organiser of the Month, to help show just how much appreciate each and every staff member in our department!
    Whoever is fabulous enough to be crowned Events Organiser of the month will bag themselves a whopping 50c, along with additional goodies listed below:

    1 month of Forum VIP - colour of your choice
    (Example, Example, Example, Example, Example, Example)
    Host of the Month Forum Award (Coming soon)
    200 Forum Tokens
    50 credits
    +Bragging Rights!

    The events department currently has 32 members of staff on the team!

    2 Management
    0 Seniors
    26 Event Organisers
    4 Guest Event Organisers

    Weekly events:
    1-3: 9
    3-10: 25
    10-17: 41
    17-24: 36
    24-01: 45

    Total events this month: 156
    Average events per week: 39
    Average events per day: 5.57

    Event types/# hosted this month:

    Danger Pod - 20
    Fireball - 19
    Heaven or Hell - 17
    Majority Rules - 14
    Grocery List - 9
    Bingo - 7
    Fridge Races - 7
    Telephrase - 7
    Unlucky Number - 7
    Isolation - 5
    Murder Mansion - 5
    Bunny Run - 4
    Pool Attack - 4
    Cozzie Change - 3
    Prize Counter - 3
    Attack - 2
    Supermarket Rush - 2
    Higher or Lower - 2
    Banzai Escape - 2
    Balloon Game - 2
    Step on It - 1
    Teleclues - 1
    Quiz - 1
    Wheel of Misfortune - 1
    Flower Cart Races/Relays - 1
    Stairway to Heaven - 1
    Melting Carpets - 1
    Runway - 1
    Beat the... - 1
    Bank Game - 1
    HxlGiveaway (Hxl) - 3
    Saturday Night Quiz (HxHd) - 1

    HabboxStarz - 3
    Awards Show - 3

    Most Hosted Event this month: Danger Pod
    Different Event Types Hosted this month: 32

    FUN FACT:- During the month of September 32 Different event types were hosted, and we currently have 32 members of staff in the Department!

    What a fabulous month for recruiting with 8 new staff joining the Department!

    Habbo-atilla (Guest Events Organiser)








    Great performances by each of you, by far exceeding expectations!

    *Please Contact myself or Flyingjesus if you would like to join the Events Department, or apply here:*

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