Recruitment Advisor Applications

We are looking for determined individuals to join our exciting recruitment department! This is a perfect role for anyone wishing to help push recruitment and offer support to other departments

Roles included are as follows
- Advertisement of current roles in events and shows.
- Offering advice on what department may be most suited towards a new recruit.
- Offering new recruits support in their new roles.
- Liaising with all the departments and relaying information onto Nicole and Lydia on who could use more recruits.
- Organising and inputting suggestions on ways to further push recruitment.

The perfect candidate will be approachable, friendly and patient
If this sounds like you and you'd love to join the team, send a message to myself to apply with your Habbo Name:
Time Zone:
And what skills and ideas you can bring to the recruitment department:

If you have any questions or concerns, drop me a message and I'll be happy to answer them Good luck xxx